Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tina McCard Fraudster Thief Convicted Felon - Spotted In Charleston and Still on the Loose

BOLO - Tina McCard

CMPD Stingray - Beyond The Constitutional Issue

A lot of chatter over the Charlotte Observer story concerning the use of Stingray, a super tech spy gadget that LE is using across the nation to track and ease drop on thugs and ghetto rats.

Of course the story line is all about constitutional rights and the ever increasing scope of government in the "big brother" age.

But the back story is rather interesting:

As with much of CMPD the budget and expense approval process is all smoke and mirrors.

From the Observer:

"Charlotte City Council voted unanimously without debate in 2012 to spend about $357,000 to update the equipment for CMPD. Some members now say they don’t remember the vote and do not know much about the surveillance."

Well no surprise there, these folks are actually paid to at least read the motion that is put before them and hopefully understand the facts. But more often than not they approve budget requests without discussion.

Autry said he plans to meet with city attorneys. "I am a Fourth Amendment kind of guy,” Autry said, referring to constitutional protections. “I have some pertinent questions that will spark some discussion.”

Council member LaWana Mayfield said she would also talk with city attorneys. Mayfield said she did not know about the surveillance technology before she was contacted by a reporter Monday.

The issue is concerning, she said, because since the Sept. 11 attacks “rights that have been taken for granted are being slowly eradicated.”

Senior Assistant City Attorney Judith Emken did not respond to questions on Monday. City Manager Ron Carlee said he could not talk because he was in a meeting.

Cellphones send signals to nearby towers whether they are in use or not. A device city officials call a cell site simulator tricks phones into electronically identifying themselves and transmitting data to police instead of the closest cell tower.

Privacy groups say the equipment is powerful enough to collect cellphone information from an entire apartment building. They claim it gives law enforcement the ability to gather voice, text and other data from phones.

Charlotte officials have refused to divulge details about the city’s equipment but did defend how CMPD uses its cellphone tracker. CMPD does not capture the voice contents of phone calls, Emken has said. She said officers do not store data that is retrieved.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Observer Bill Scam Tied To Charlotte Biz Journal

GDid you get one of these bogus bills for The Charlotte Observer last week?

Of course it is a scam, but the interesting twist is they got my name from the Business Journal!

Seems the CBJ sold this this scammer my name! 

You see my CBJ subscription has this odd little typo unique only to that once a week bit of USPS Mail! 

Which prompts me to say WTF ( well that's funny)!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On Patrick Cannon Cedar's Take:

Later this morning former Mayor Patrick Cannon will be sentenced by Federal Judge Frank Whittney. He'll get probation and here's why.

Cannon was targeted by someone in the Obama administration because it was concluded that His-honor was just the tip of the iceberg and that corruption ran deep all the way down to the cellar of the government center. 

Turns out Cannon was a big mouth talker who believed his own hubris lies, an amateur targeted by professionals.

Cannon was all talk and no action, all take and no give he had nothing to offer and apparently caused nothing to happen. 

If there is any wrong doing it is the waste of untold amounts of money to target an idiot with no connections, whose only incentive was to reduce a pile of debt he had accumulated.

Cannon was no angel but to send him to prison does nothing to remove the stain of this unproductive adventure sponsored by the Feds.

Judge Whittney will, I suspect, see this for what it was; a fishing expedition that returned to the docks with not Moby Dick but with Mr. Impotent Dick.

Five years suspended, three years probation, community service and restitution. For Charlotte to move, on this is the only answer.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Gay Marriage Why It Is Not A Win For The LGBT Community

The Supreme Court's Refusal to review the lower court's ruling and subsequent North Carolina court decision opens the door to same sex marrige in North Carolina. But this is not a win for the LGBT faction any more than proabition was a victory for the Bible Belt crowd.

North Carolina was and still is opposed to gay marriage, most of us in the metropolitan areas are just tired of hearing about it, and just as many don't really care. It's a perversion, an anomaly that effects about 10 percent of the population and so we'll just shake our heads or look the other way.

A court ruling won't change adittudes, and the next series of battles with not be as simple. Let's face it, the homosexual community is up against serious discrimation in this country, whether on not we care to admint it.

Heath Insurnace has long been impossible with a majority of insurance carriers for certian occupations, ACA has changed that somewhat but try being Gay and getting approval for disability insurance. 

The idea that one judge can turn away the will of the people because of his own agenda should be troubling to all Americans. Notice the same courts that provided shelter to gay marriage supporters, smashed the ranks of those enjoying the benifts of same day voter registration. In other words allowing the courts to overturn laws enacted by voters means your vote is meaningless.

The thinking is that the public is too stupid to have any real say in the laws of this country. This thinking seems to be pretty common lately.

American - US Airways Public Relations Fail

Wearing his dress ASU ribbon rack with at least, bronze star, army commendation medal, plus army combat infantryman badge, air assault badge, parachutist badge and unit commendations.

This First Sergeant on a six hour flight from Portland to Charlotte asked a US Airways flight attendant if he could hang his jacket so it wouldn't  get wrinkled. 

The answer was NO First Class passengers ONLY!

The story has since become a PR nightmare for the airline.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Gordonton, North Carolina Circa 1939

Raney Currie Baynes (1891-1942) owned this country store in Gordonton, Person County, North Carolina, and is seen standing in the doorway. Note that some claim that the store was owned by Ivey Baynes, brother of Raney Currie Baynes.

If your are new to the South you might find it odd that a scene like this is still pretty easy to find. 

Eastern North Carolina, Western South Carolina, Southern Georgia, most of Alabama and damn near all of Mississippi. 

Screen doors that slap shut, boiled peanuts, pickled eggs, pigs feet and orange soda. 

Crickets and worms for sale, tall tales to be told and next year's crops to be sold. 

It's still there, just got to drive a little farther down the road. 

The orginal photo by Dorthea Lane:

The Original Caption:
Country store on dirt road. Sunday afternoon. Note the kerosene pump on the right and the gasoline pump on the left. Rough, unfinished timber posts have been used as supports for porch roof. Negro men are sitting on the porch. Brother of store owner stands in doorway. Gordonton, North Carolina.
Before computerized color process artists painted the scene in color.

The store as it looked in 2009

Reports are the building is still there just off highway 49. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Novant's Presby Problem

Hard to tell what's going on at the former Presbytierian Hospital. The once five star and must for Charlotte's well heeled has apparently fallen behind since Novant took over operations nearly ten years ago.

Dozens of rooms in one wing of the hospital are abandoned and posted with the above notice. Apparently theft from the "out of service" wings of the hospital is an increasing problem. 

The eerrie stillness of finding yourself on the empty fourth floor has a hollywoodeques quality. Gleaming floors, room after darkened room of empty patientless beds are a surprising find in the once booming hospital. 

The unused hundreds of rooms is a stark reminder of how out of control our health care system is.