Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival Poster Offensive?

Fickle NAACP once again offended.

In the land of the continually offended, the NAACP threatens to boycott the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival over the depiction of to Black American children because they don't have faces.

The artist says that's because they represent everyone, but the NAACP says they are faceless because they are nobodies, and their lives don't matter.


After meeting with local NAACP officials Wednesday (March 25), the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival announced it would not sell or display its controversial poster at the event April 10-12. The Festival also issued an apology for the poster's artwork, although it remains the official Festival poster.

The rest of the NOLA story is here

The poster is for sale from many local merchants.

CP's take: I think the poster is cute, romantic, and has considerable Charlie Brown vs Lucy appeal. But I understand art is subjective.

Admittedly the strawberry festival attendees are predominantly white and the board the festival and the supporting Kiwanis club are as well. 

A few years ago in Charleston I witnessed this reaction when Darrius Rucker the singer and member of Hootie and Blowfish stormed out of a charity event because the hostess had "watermelon art" in her home's bathroom. The offensive "crate labels" depicting black children in a field of melons offended the celebrity.  

The above poster is offensive to the NAACP unless the artist happens to be black. Then it is totally acceptable and that my friends, makes the NAACP a racist and bigoted organization.

Starbucks Race Together Fail

Starbucks wanted America to talk about race, and that didn't go over very well.

So who objected?

I'll give you a hint, one woman who on camera said "I don't have enough time to discuss 400 years of oppression".

Another vocal Black American says that he's not going to give "whitey" a "black pardon card" no matter what is said.

Which got me to thinking, I work in a whites only industry. Like snow skiing, scuba diving and horse racing, the yacht industry is, with very few exceptions is like snow pure white. So my interaction with black Americans, at least during the last ten years has been extremely limited.

The few that I know are some of the nicest people I have encountered nothing like the seething hatred that I've seen from the likes of Al Sharpton and Spike Lee. Nothing like the rage I've seen in images from Ferguson.

So last Thursday a black man steps over to me at the local Autobell carwash in Charlotte, having noticed my NAVY baseball cap, he introduces himself, as CPO Ray Stevens.

And for the next ten minutes we chat about ships and San Diego and Norfolk. And I find myself looking at his color, wondering why he isn't ranting about Ferguson and Trayvon Martin and hands up don't shoot!

Frankly I had forgotten that most black people are not looking for an Obama phone or raging about Selma. 

Most are like Ray. Most are just like me.

As a nation we have forgotten this thanks in large part to the media and a greater part the current president of the United States who has made race a divisive issue.

We are more divided today than when Obama took office. We are more race aware today than when Obama took office. We are more distrustful of each other than we where when Obama took office.

But much to my surprise Ray didn't see me as Whitey rather as a former shipmate.

Jesus Christ how did we end up so divided? Maybe were are not?

Cedar's Note: I'm typing this with the help of Dunkin Donuts Coffee Large No Sugar Extra Cream.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe Gives Himself a Promotion It's Good To Be King!

You might have missed this, and of course that's what Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe was counting on. 

Ever since Monroe came to Charlotte he has voiced his displeasure with his uniform. At first it was the duty shirts, Monroe felt command should be set apart from rank and file. Shortly after his arrival he ordered white shirts for the department's command staff at a cost of thousands, to replace the blue shirts worn by his predecessors.

Then he added his admirals stripes. 

But Monroe has always hated the two stars on his collar. 

Apparently Monroe felt it was only right that any recipient of the state's Order of a The Long Leaf Pine have four stars on his collar. 

And so by executive order or just because he felt like it Monroe showed up at the city budget meeting wearing four stars. 

Charlotte's Chief of Police has always worn 2 stars. But tradition be damed Monroe promoted himself just because he could. 

It's good to be king! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Whistling Dixie Deemed Offensive At WBTV At Least It Offended Steve Crump

File this under you've got to be kidding!

Now whistling Dixie is offensive? Well, Y'all are just going to have to be offended. (Yes, most people I know stand when they play Dixie.)

I figure if Kevin Spacey can sing the entire song on House of a Cards its not a federal crime, at least not yet.

Finally the staff member was whistling the song, that is without out the lyrics (which aren't really offensive in fact)  so how could anyone except maybe Brigida Mack be offended?

From the Charlotte Observer:

Management held meetings this week in the WBTV (Channel 3) newsroom to address staff concerns about racial sensitivity.

On Wednesday morning, a photographer was heard whistling in the newsroom the folk tune “Dixie,” whose origins date to the blackface minstrel shows of the 1850s before becoming an anthem for Southern forces in the Civil War. Several African American staffers were in earshot.

On Thursday, two meetings were held with staffers and WBTV general manager Nick Simonette and news director Dennis Milligan.

“We wanted the staff to know that we don’t tolerate things in the workplace that make people uncomfortable,” Milligan said. “We encourage people to come forward. I think it was handled in an appropriate way.”

Milligan said the matter was a personnel issue and he could not comment further on whether any disciplinary action was taken. He did say that the incident was an “extremely unusual” one in the station’s newsroom.

Alexis Mitchell, president of the Charlotte Area Association of Black Journalists, a chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, issued a statement calling the situation “unfortunate.”

“I am grateful that our station’s management addressed the issue immediately,” said Mitchell, a news content specialist at WBTV who was in the newsroom when the incident occurred. She said the local chapter and the national organization would continue to monitor the station’s response.

“This is a learning lesson for all and we hope this will never occur again.”

Cedar's Take:

So there, as fact you have it, one or more of WBTV's "African American" staffers were offended by someone whistling a song that has been around for more the 150 years. A song no different than, Oklahoma or New York New York sung by Frank Sinatra but offensive to some wack job at WBTV.  

My guess is Brigida Mack but who cares? 

Cedar Update: I guessed wrong the offendee it turns out was Steve Crump. Seems he's been listening to his own stories so much he believes whitey is out to get him. Apparently he considered the whistling a taunt and apparently felt intiminadated. 

In defense of Crump he apparently said he felt "uncomfortable" and apparently not not offended. Somehow Dixie apparently made Crump think of strange fruit much like the theme music from Jaws makes me think of swimming in lake Norman.

But this is why there is a racial divide in this country. It's ok to sing "We Shall Overcome" or blast a rap song called "Cop Killler" but don't you dare whistle DIXIE! 

And the list goes on and on and on.....

Read more here:
So as fact there you have it, one or more of WBTV's "African American Staffers" were made uncomfortable by the song Dixie. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

WBTV's Talking Weather Head Lyndsay Tapases St. Patty's Day Fail

WBTV's weather girl Lyndsay Tapases goes Irish idiot with the headline "Charlotte's St. Patty's Saturday Forecast Breakdown", good Lord it's Paddy not Patty!

As an education tool, for the wee minded likes of Lyndsay CP offer's the following:


Each and every year millions of Irish, Irish-ish and amateur alcoholics are needlessly distracted from their Holy Tradition of drinking themselves into a stupor in honour of Saint Patrick and the wee island he adopted as home. They spit-take their libations—a shameful waste; they wring their flat caps; they clutch their camáin that little bit tighter; and the cailíní rua glow their familiar shade of rage.

The source of this terrible distraction?

An onslaught of superficial, dyed-green references to Saint Patrick’s Day as Patty’s Day. Like nails on a chalkboard. It gnaws at them. It riles them up. It makes them want to fight… you know, more than usual.






Paddy is derived from the Irish, Pádraig: the source of those mysterious, emerald double-Ds.

Patty is the diminutive of Patricia, or a burger, and just not something you call a fella.

There isn’t a sinner in Ireland that would refer to a Patrick as “Patty”. It’s as simple as that.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

WBT's Keith Larson Gives CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe A Much Needed Poke InThe Eye

Chief Monroe, is This How to Build Trust in CMPD?

My News and You're Welcome To It

Keith Larson

Monroe is not one for sensing when he’s in the midst of profound irony.

Back in December, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief made a presentation to city council on the matter of trust between police and the public. Ferguson, Missouri, was still simmering. New Yorkers were still protesting the death of a “loose cigarette entrepreneur.” CMPD was (and still is) dealing with questions about the September 2013, shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell by Officer Randall Kerrick. Against that backdrop, Monroe asserted CMPD has “been able to maintain a certain level of trust and respect in the community.”

Fast-forward to this past Sunday. The chief was at a CMPD forum on race relations. It came barely two weeks after Janisha Fonville was shot to death by a Charlotte officer – the second deadly shooting the officer has been involved in since 2012 – and less than 24 hours after another CMPD shooting left someone seriously hurt. Monroe was asked if the officer who shot Janisha could have handled things differently. He said the department just invested millions of dollars in body cameras to help hold officers accountable.
At almost the very same time Sunday, a group of about 100 people gathered in a church to once again call on Monroe to release the police dashboard camera video from the Ferrell shooting. That tape is now in the hands of the North Carolina attorney general’s office, which is prosecuting Kerrick for voluntary manslaughter, and they will not release it.
That doesn’t let Monroe off the hook. He could have released the video early on. He didn’t. Even now, if he were of a mind to, Monroe could call on the AG’s office to release the tape, but he hasn’t. Such evidence is often released, even before trial, when there is a compelling public interest.
Just last year in South Carolina, state police released a dash cam video of a state trooper firing several shots at a driver pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. The trooper was fired, charged with aggravated assault and battery, and the video promptly released.
We also know what Monroe thinks of the public’s “right to know” based on his department’s plans for those much-ballyhooed body cameras. He touts the cameras but wants to prevent people who’ve been taped, or the public, from getting the footage. I’ve taken numerous calls on the radio from people citing the irony in the chief’s transparency puppet show.
Back in December, when Monroe asserted the trust his department had earned in the city, he also declared: “we must hear and understand what our communities are saying.”
Well, your community is speaking to you now, chief. It’s saying, trust depends on openness and transparency. But you’re not hearing and understanding. That’s irony, too, chief. Unless the reason you’re not “hearing and understanding” is that you’re not listening.
Then it would be hypocrisy.
You can follow WBT on Facebook and via the Larson Page at WBT which is here sort of.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CIAA Beyond The Sponsored Tournament Events a Sea Of Drugs and Payoffs

P Diddy returned to Charlotte for the CIAA Tournament weekend with his posse that apparently included a couple of CMPD Officers.

(You might recall that last year, as his show wrapped, shots were fired at the Sheraton Uptown.)

Members of CMPD's Dignitary Protection Unit as the rumor goes accompanied Diddy aka Shawn Combs to Label, Cameo and later a strip club. CMPD is saying is just never happened.

But a check of the duty roster has at least one CMPD officer who was named as being on duty.

Two others named later were also on duty.  As the story softened CMPD admitted that maybe one of the officers named was on duty last Saturday but only helped Combs through traffic.

Over the weekend CP received this photo of a white guy in a suit shadowing Combs at Label. There is apparently a video as well and CP will try to track that down.

Sean Combs aka "P Diddy" at Lable Saturday Februard 28th
Interesting, but if this is fact, who paid for the security detail?
The bigger question? How do you have a shooting and clear the scene within 45 minutes and then without making any arrests declare the scene safe for such a high profile target to stand elbow to elbow with a crowd of more than two hundred people?
Just a lot of questions? Or is there something bigger going on?

CP is hearing from more than one source, that Label told CMPD to clear the scene pronto or risk losing their off duty gig permanently. Canceling the P. Diddy show would cause the gathered crowd to riot and they couldn't refund the fans since Combs contract was cash up front for his appearance.

Hard to say how much of the rumor is fact but Combs is known to be rather Diva at times.
Meanwhile at the Oasis tent on College Street, CMPD Officers working off duty were reportedly told not to arrest patrons for simple passion and other minor offenses. Probably just as well since they would have spent 3 weeks in weed court to clear the cases.
But a CMPD law breaking free pass only works locally, so when the State ABC guys swooped into the tent, they confiscated $24,000.00 worth of untaxed alcohol.

No word of arrests or fines regarding the selling of on untaxed booze or transporting it from out of state to avoid paying taxes. But that would be a felony and should the smoking gun point to a certain CMPD individual it would be a career ender.

Someone tipped off the ABC enforcement guys and that didn't sit well with the Oasis Tent organizers who have apparently operated outside the law for years.

Finally CMPD closed off College Street so that Niki Menage could make her appearance. Which ran all of about 15 minutes.  Seems the noise ordinance wasn't enforced and the smell, smoke and noise was just too much for the Diva.